Join my FREE 10-day workshop to jump start, or get back on track with your health and fitness routine. Over the course of 10 days, I will teach you how to simplify the process of meal planning and prepping. You will gain the confidence to plan a menu to meet your nutrition goals and prepare meals in a timely fashion.

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Learn how to calculate your nutrient requirements

Learn how to calculate and adjust your macros for losing weight, maintaining, or gaining muscle.

Learn how to build a weekly menu to reach your goals

Once you understand what your macros are, we will learn how to quickly build a menu to follow each week.

Tips on how to plan and prep your menu quickly

Plan, prep, and excute with efficiency! I will share my quick tips to speed up your weekly prep.

Bonus: Get a FREE workout plan to help you reach your goals

Get a full 4-week workout plan to follow during the challenge designed for all fitness levels.

What’s Included:



10-day online, guided workshop within an exclusive, intimate accountability group and online community of people who are there to support you


Video training on meal prep basics


A Full 30-day Workout Plan that can be followed after the group ends as well.


Daily activities to perfect your meal prep routine and reinforce training topics


1-on-1 help throughout the duration of the workshop


ME as your coach loving, encouraging, helping, and supporting YOU to crush goals and create a super vibrant and healthy life


Day 1

Introduction | Watch video: Meal Prepping for Success

Set and share with the group your goals and intentions for this workshop

Day 2 

Planning | Determine your nutrient requirements. Share your requirements or the tracking method you’ll be using with the group.

Day 3

Planning | Plan and share your menu for the week with the group

Day 4

Shop | Create your grocery list and shop for the items based off of your menu. Share a photo of your list or from your shopping trip with the group.

Day 5

Prep | Use the bulk prep technique learned to prepare 3-5 days worth of meals. Share a photo from your prep session with the group.


Day 6

Ready, Set, Go! | Put your newly created menu and meals into action. Share a photo of your prepped meals during the day with the group. Overachiever? Post all 5-6 meals from your day in the group for the chance to win a prize. Show off all your hard work!

Day 7

Tasty Tuesday | Share one of your favorite recipes with the group, or a recipe you’d like to try next week.

Day 8

Workout Wednesday | Meal prep is only half the battle. Share a sweaty selfie and show us that you’re working as hard in the gym as the kitchen.

Day 9

Thirsty Thursday | Hydrate is important for so many reasons! I’ll share a few with you in the group. In the meantime, chug a gallon of water and post your empty container for the chance to win a prize!

Day 10

Flex Friday | We made it! It’s our final day together. Flex your newly acquired skills by sharing your final thoughts or lesson learned during this workshop. (Flexing selfies also highly encouraged!)

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