Customized fitness and nutrition plans built to thank your body for all the things it allows you to do.


You live a life of adventure, whimsy, creativity, — oh, and 60 hour work weeks, the kids this or that, social engagements, due yesterday, hustle this bustle that, be here now and there later, going, going, …

Are you an overworked professional forgetting to take time for yourself because you’re too busy?


The secret is to treat your body as if you were a champion:

You need to eat well.
You need exercise.
You need to relax.
– You Are a Message, Guillaume Wolf


I design plans for all fitness levels and goals. Lose fat, gain muscle, increase athletic endurance—whatever your goals, mine is for you to sweat daily.


I teach you how to nourish your body—plans are as specific as you need them to be. From full menus or macronutrient guidelines to follow.


Through guided personal development and tough love—I am your friend and confidant throughout your journey.


Connect with like-minded individuals and gain support and accountability through sharing your journey.

Overachievers, entrepreneurs, professional "I'm too busy"-ists, and the otherwise "I don't know what to do or when to do it please help"-ers — Rejoice! I have a plan.

Training and meal plans, that fit your individual goals, delivered to your inbox.

Thank that body of yours for all the cool S#!% it allows you to do and create by incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine.

I know, I hear you. How? Right?

How it Works

Whether you just want to get back to a healthy routine, want to lose body fat, or have a specific athletic event you want to train for — my online coaching will help get you there.

You'll sign up & schedule your 30-min consultation.

I’ll learn about your life, dogs, kids, and cool projects—we can talk about nutrition and fitness goals, too, I guess.

I'll design a plan to fit your goals and send it to you.

You’ll have on-the-go access to your complete plan from a mobile app.

I'll be by your side throughout the entire journey.

1:1 check-ins and instant messaging whenever you need me through my mobile app.

You'll get to meet my friends!

You’ll be a part of my online community for on-going accountability and support from like-minded folks.


"Without Crystal's coaching, I would have seen time keep going by with ZERO progress on my fitness goals. If you had told me when I started working with Crystal that I would be eating 90% healthy real foods and pushing distractions away to work out 5+ times a week I would have laughed in your face because my life was 90% takeout and junk food. I needed the accountability from a coach and having Crystal on my team was the difference between yet another failed attempt at getting fit and the amazing goal-crushing success I'm seeing now!"

Michelle L.

"Everyone needs that extra push or support system when it comes to weight loss and Crystal did just that for me! She provided fun challenges, 1:1 guidance and showed me the happiness a healthy lifestyle can bring to your life. Crystal and her health groups hold you accountable and keep you thinking positive during the entire process. I wouldn't be as successful with my weight loss without her support!"

Christina C.

"Before invited to join this challenge I was on a continued downward spiral of unhealthy eating and inconsistent physical activity. Crystal is an amazing coach and is always available for the group constantly motivating and inspiring us. This has been a great opportunity; I have learned how to prepare healthy meals, be accountable, and consistent. I have lost 9lbs and 15inches during the 28-day challenge. I am grateful for Crystal and the ladies in the group. I have a new lease on life. Thanks, Crystal."

August C.

Membership Subscriptions




Customized nutrition plan specific to your body, goals, and eating preferences + on-going coaching & adjustments as needed


You have a sound fitness plan you're following on your own.


You have a sound fitness plan you're following on your own.

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Ideal if you:

  • You are following a full training program on your own.
  • You want to learn how to love and nourish your body from the inside out with the proper nutrition.
  • You have a specific dietary needs and need help eating for your goals.



Strength & conditioning plan geared towards burning fat and increasing muscle tone + custom nutrition coaching. 

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Ideal if you:

  • You want to establish healthy eating habits—vegans/vegetarians, gluten-free lifestyles welcome!
  • Your main goal is to lose body fat.
  • You need help with fitness and nutrition.
  • You have access to a gym.




Individualized nutrition, cardio, and training plan geared towards your personal goals and fitness level + custom nutrition coaching.

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Ideal if you:

  • You are training for an athletic event, competition, or increase muscle mass.
  • You want to workout but have an injury, or physical limitation.
  • You have extreme dietary restrictions (think FODMAP).
  • You don't have access to a gym.

Crystal Gaskin

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer who uses my personal experience of "figuring it out" to help others take control of their lives through proper fitness and nutrition.


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