Top Tools for Meal Prepping Success

If you’re a busy professional with limited time for prep, add a few of these to your arsenal. Having the right tools will better set you up for success as you start your meal prepping journey for the first time.


Food Scale

Necessary if you’re tracking your macros on a program from me

Single/Double Compartment Containers

Easily prepare and store a few days of meals to grab quickly, or pop them in the freezer for later

Insulated Lunch Bag

To transport your meals on the go

Single Serve Travel Blender

Blend up your Shakeology, Bulletproof Coffee, or morning smoothie to-go

Rice Cooker

Quickly cook grains, sweet potatoes, or use the steam basket for veggies

Large Food Storage Containers

To store your buffet items, or freeze large meals


What can’t you do with a crockpot? It’s the ultimate time-saving tool. 

Blender Bottles

For mixing pre-workout or post-workout shakes

Mason Jars

For overnight oats, salads, or soups

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